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Electronics (ECU)

IMOC How to - Resetting the ECU

ECU Diagnostic Codes

MK1A ECU Codes

Installing J&S Safeguard Ultra II

reset the ECU on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST165

check ECU error codes on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST205

check ECU error codes on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST165

Engine Error Codes

Check the diagnostics codes

ECU Pinouts

2.4LTE Fault Codes - Diagnosis & Clearing

Reset Maintenance Indicator (05+)

Common repairs for the Toyota Corolla and Matrix

Toyota MR2 ECU removal - by

fix your Toyota Sienna Knock Sensor Malfunction P0330 P0335 without a second mortgage.

fit a Dastek Unichip to a Toyota Celica GT4

Cure 205 Code 54 Post FMIC Install

Installing an Apexi S-AFC II on the ST

2G Prius Tach Install

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