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Drive Train


E code gearbox variations, repairs and mods

The Transmission Oil Mystery

Drivetrain Repair Info

1986 Toyota MR2 clutch, remove and replace

Changing Your Clutch Master Cylinder

Changing a '91t clutch

How to replace the gear linkage cables

SM420 swap in an FJ40 with 2F

Marlin Crawler ToyBox Install Instructions

SM420 Install-Shade Tree Mechanics Version

Fitting A Quick Shift Gearknob

Instructions On How To Install the TRD Short Shifter

Short Shifter

Short Shifter Installation

Changing Your Shift Lever Bushing

Changing Your Front, Rear, Tranny & Transfer Case Fluids

How to Flush Tranny Fluid

Transmission Fluid Flush

How to change your clutch and flywheel (Smaay Way) - Forum

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