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Body Electrical

Easy Starter Kill Switch

Toggled Door Buzzer

2005 Taco Fulltime Power Outlet Mod!! - TTORA

Air Compressor Toggle Switch

'05 Taco Auto-Dim Mirror Install

OEM Cruise Control

Full Time Power Outlets

2003 Keyless Entry System Upgrade

Trailer Harness Relocation DIY

disable the seatbelt chime - Tundra Truckz

OEM Security System Install

After Market Parking Sensors (54 pictures) - Tundra Truckz

the air bags install before and after picks. - Tundra Truckz

How-To disable the seatbelt chime.

Add Magnetic Emergency “Door Unlock” Function

Locating Radar Detector power at Top of Window - Tundra Truckz

Replacing the battery on a Toyota Keyless remote and more

MR2 Buyers Guide

Disable VSC / Traction Control in a Toyota

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