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Body Electrical 7 way wiring diagram page

Add Magnetic Emergency “Door Unlock” Function

Locating Radar Detector power at Top of Window - Tundra Truckz

How-To disable the seatbelt chime.

the air bags install before and after picks. - Tundra Truckz

disable the seatbelt chime - Tundra Truckz

OEM Security System Install

After Market Parking Sensors (54 pictures) - Tundra Truckz

Replacing the battery on a Toyota Keyless remote and more

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SR5 After Market Fog Lights (LOTS of Pictures) - Tundra Truckz

Black Headlight Mod (w/ video tut)

OEM Foglight Install

DADRL - How To Disable DRLs

How-To-Enable DRL –

Aftermarket Fog Lamps install on SR5 with "Halo" option - separate switch

HOW TO: Add factory DRL's to '05/'06 Tacomas

Fog Light Install - Tundra Truckz

OEM Fog lights

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Antenna Mod PICS


Toyota iPod installation

Get sound from PC to Car Stereo / Amp

Soldering 101

Learn How To Install A Car Radio

Series: Car Stereo Installation - how should I wire my amplifier

Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning (A/C) Retrofitting FAQs

Add-on Electronics

Toyota Tundra Mobile Installation

Navigation Unlocked Sucessfully!!!

Toyota Tundra Mac Mini Installation

Replacing the battery on a Toyota Keyless remote and more

Soldering 101

How to reprogram V1

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