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solve hesitation, missfires and flat spots

Toyota MR2 Mark 1 Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter change

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter change 3S-GTE Rev 4

MR2 MK2 Rev3 3S-GTE Oil Change Sump Plug and Filter Location

MK1A open airfilter

Compression Test

Changing dissy and rotor arm!!

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Drive Train

MR2 Buyers Guide

E code gearbox variations, repairs and mods

The Transmission Oil Mystery

Carrying 4 Tires in a MkII MR2

Detailed Instructions On How To Install A New Flywheel and Clutch On A 1993 MR2 Turbo

Drivetrain Repair Info

Changing Your Clutch Master Cylinder

1986 Toyota MR2 clutch, remove and replace

Changing a '91t clutch

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Suspension & Steering

Build your own alignment tool for under $10

Strut Inserts - Installation

MR2 Buyers Guide

repair seized rear toe arms - Mk1a and Mk1b

Changing the ball joints in your MR2

Replacing the FRONT Strut Inserts in your MR2

Replacing the Rear Strut Inserts in your MR2

Replacing the Rear Tie Rods in your MR2

Replacing the Front Outer Tie Rod Ends in Your MR2

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Front Brake Discs & Pads

Bleeding the brakes

MR2 Buyers Guide

Refurb your rear brake calipers

change Discs and Pads- by Speedy

AW11 Brakes

Body Repair Info

Replacing The Handbrake Cable

Caliper refurbish

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MR2 Buyers Guide

Warning Lights

Katharine aNd Steve - KNS

Fitting a New Ignition Cylinder

MR2 MKII Electric Aerial

Dead Battery Syndrome

Fixing stuck down "Retract" button on Electric Mirror control

Fixing A Dead Climate Control Light

Air Horn Installation

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MR2 Buyers Guide

Warning Lights

Sill & wheel arch repair

sound proofing leaky side mirror for Toyota MR2 - by

Body Repair Info

Disassembling the Door/Rear Panels in a MkII

Mk2 Steering wheel replacement

[sw20] Removing The Centre Console

Instrument bulbs

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MR2 Buyers Guide

Annotated MR2 Turbo Engine Bay

Body Repair Info

Sagging Door Fix

MR2 MKII Electric Aerial

Fixing a leaky T-Bar

Replacing Weatherstrips

Remove Front Bumper

MR2 T-Tops - Eccentric Rod Guide Installation

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