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Body Electrical

Replacing Alternator Brushes

Cleaning Your Interior Fan Unit

Timing and Diagnostic Check Connector location(s)

Reprogram a RS3000 Remote

Window Switch Repair

Center Console Lights

Blower Repairs

Ignition Switch Replacement

1985 Toyota 4Runner Power Antenna Replacement

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Replacing the Clutch Pedal Bushing

Light Bulbs

Center Console Lights

Putting the red bumper lenses to use

Corner Blinkers for 96-2002 4Runners

My LED Project

Installing Hella 500 Driving Lights

Toyota 4Runner Highlander Electrical Modifications Fog Light Mod

HID Install for 2006 4Ruunner

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2003 Toyota 4Runner Navigation Screen / Head Unit Connections, Connectors, & Pins

Power antenna fix

Toyota 4 Runner Power Antenna Mast Replacement Guide

1985 Toyota 4Runner Power Antenna Replacement

CB Radio and Antenna

CB Radio & Antenna Installation - 97 4Runner

The "Taco" Whip Antenna Mod

Installing an Amp, Component Speakers and a Subwoofer

iPod to Alpine CDA-9847 Integration

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Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning (A/C) Retrofitting FAQs

Add-on Electronics

Reprogram a RS3000 Remote

CB Radio and Antenna

Remove the Navigation Head Unit from a 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Mods for Ipod, Garmin Nav, Valentine1 and move 12v power socket...

Hardwiring a Valentine 1 Radar Detector and Concealed Display

Rear Mount Firestik II Antenna

Connecting 2004 Camry Navigation Radio to 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Installing a Cobra 75WX CB Radio

Remove the Navigation ECU from a 2003 Toyota 4Runner

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