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Air Intake

How to Replace & Adjust the Throttle Position Sensor

How to Clean the Throttle Body

How to Check & Replace the Air Filter

intake box

How to permanently remove you stock bov

cold air intake

Lexus Intake Modification BFI

Change an Automotive Air Filter Air Cleaner

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

Vacuum 101

GS430 Piston Vs. LS400 Piston (3UZ vs. 1UZ)

GS430 Block Vs. LS400 Block (3UZ vs. 1UZ)

1uzfe Q&A, 1uzfe information and swap

Lexus-Toyota V8 1uzfe Variants

Engine Cover & Pop Clip Removal

intellexual net ยท m k i v

Engine Bay Detailing & Restoration-A guide for the serious enthusiast on achieving perfection

Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Information

Extracting Broken Bolts and Studs

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