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Engine Mechanical

How to Inspect & Replace the Drive Belt

Timing Belt & Water Pump

How to Remove the Transmission & Replace the Rear Main Seal

How to Change Valve Cover Gaskets

How to Change the Timing Belt & Water Pump

Tundra 2uzfe block swap in Lexus SC400/LS400

replace Lexus serpentine belt

Rust Removal using Electrolysis

Timing Belt Replacement - DIY Auto - Saturday Mechanic

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Oil (Lubrication)

Change Motor Oil & Oil Filter

How to Change the Engine Oil

Lexus GS400 SC400 LS400 fuel filter

Change Motor Oil

change Lexus transmission oil leak/gasket

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

Change Motor Oil and Oil Filter Auto Repair Information Car Repair Information

Oil Viscosity misconceptions

Seafoam Info

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Air Intake

How to Check & Replace the Air Filter

How to Replace & Adjust the Throttle Position Sensor

How to Clean the Throttle Body

Lexus Intake Modification BFI

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

Change an Automotive Air Filter Air Cleaner

Vacuum 101


How to Replace the Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires

How to Replace the Distributors & Rotors

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

How to Replace Your Diesel Glow Plugs

How to Test Check a Car Engine Alternator

OBD Codes for 1996-2003 Cars

Frequently Asked Questions


Flush Radiator Coolant

How to Replace the Thermostat

How to Drain & Flush the Engine Coolant

How to Change the Timing Belt & Water Pump

Timing Belt & Water Pump

Lexus V8 Electrical Fan Conversion - Electric Radiator Fan

How to Replace the Mechanical Engine Fan with an Electric Fan

Flush Radiator Coolant

Fan Clutch Upgrade - Perfect for Crawling - TTORA Forum

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Fuel System

Change Fuel Filter

How to Replace the Fuel Filter

7MGE & 1UZFE Injectors

How to Replace the Gasket in the Fuel Tank Cap

1UZFE Crown Fuel Pump

1uzfe injector upgrade, Lexus LS400 injector Upgrade, Lexus SC400 Injector upgrade, Toyota Soarer Injector Upgrade

Lexus LS400 Fuel Pump Upgrade (Walbro)

1UZFE Injector Upgrade

Change Fuel Filter

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Emission Control (O2, PCV, EGR)

clean or replace Lexus SC400/LS400 PCV Valve

Change PCV valve

How to Replace the PCV Valve

How to Check & Clean the EGR Vacuum Modulator Filter

How to Replace the Sub Oxygen Sensors

How to Inspect & Replace the Main Oxygen Sensors

Change Pcv Valve

Fix Your EGR Pipe In Just 2 Hours

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

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How to Remove the Front Exhaust Pipe & Catalytic Converters

Electronics (ECU)

How to Turn-Off the Air Bag Light / Clearing Diagnostic Code 41

How to Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Lexus Stand Alone ECU, Adaptronic ECU, SC400 Stand Alone ECU, LS400 Stand Alone ECU

Extras (generator, starter, etc.)

replace Lexus LS400/SC400 Alternator

change starter in 1UZFE

Lexus SC400 Alternator, LS400 alternator, GS400 alternator

Lexus-Toyota alternator relocation, 1 2 3uzfe alternator relocation, lexus alternation relocation

Lexus Faulty Starter diagnoses

How to Test Check a Car Engine Alternator

Forced Induction

Lexus V8 1UZFE Desktop Dyno

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