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Add-on Electronics

Replacing the battery on a Toyota Keyless remote and more

instruction on replacing the battery on the Lexus remote and replace the air filter

Soldering 101

Reprogram a RS3000 Remote

Programming Toyota Sienna Door Remote Keyfob Instructions.

I’m told that I can access the diagnostics of the car, How can I do this?

Red Japanese warning messages

Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure

Disable VSC/TRAC

Hacking Navigation

2004 Prius Keyfob Battery Change

Soarer TV tuner repair manual

Remove/Replace 98-2000 Navigation hard drive

How to reprogram V1

Rear Mount Firestik II Antenna

CB Radio and Antenna

Connecting 2004 Camry Navigation Radio to 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Remove the Navigation ECU from a 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Mods for Ipod, Garmin Nav, Valentine1 and move 12v power socket...

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